Icebreacker Indoor Marathon
Pettit National Ice Center / Icebreaker Indoor Marathon / January

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the marathon a Boston qualifier?

No, at this time Boston does not allow qualifying times from indoor marathons.

How are laps counted?

Each runner has a chip attached to their shoe or ankle. The chips send lap counts and times to the scorer, who has a computer displaying this information. Volunteers then call off lap counts to runners.

What is the length of the track?

The track is 445.2 meters as measured by the USATF course certifier.

Are there shower facilities available for runners at the Pettit Center?

Yes, but please see the race director prior to the race to get further instruction.

Since your rules don’t allow portable music devices, will there be music played during the race?

Yes, we will play music during most of the race. We ask runners for their song requests and try to play as many as these songs as possible. The race director also likes to pick some of his favorite songs to entertain the runners.

Is this a spectator-friendly event?

This is perhaps the most spectator-friendly marathon ever. There are bleachers set up along the front stretch of the running track; friends and family members can sit on the bleachers and watch the runners go past them lap after lap after lap!

Where is the Pettit Center?

The Pettit Center is located very conveniently on 84th Street right off I-94 in Milwaukee. It is about 6 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, 60 miles east of Madison, and 80 miles north of Chicago. It is approximately 20 miles from the Milwaukee airport, General Mitchell Field (MKE) - Map.

What hotels do you recommend?

Our host, the Pettit Center, has deals with several area hotels. Follow this link to the Pettit Center website for a list of participating hotels.

What if I get injured and am unable to participate in the race?

Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable with the exception of the Marathon Relay. We do allow transferring registrations for that event only.

Is there a place for runners to hang out and stretch before the race?

Yes, there is a large room on the second floor of the Pettit Center with tables and chairs and music playing. You will be directed to that room upon check-in.

Can I leave the track area during the race?

We ask that you do not leave the track area. This may cause your time to be improperly recorded. There will be bathrooms and plenty of refreshments in the track area, as well as a place to store your clothes and other personal items.

Can I bring my own bottles and refreshments?

Yes, we encourage runners to do this. Cups are not allowed due to spillage concerns so you should bring your own bottles. Volunteers can fill them with water or sports drink during the race.

Will there be medical personnel on-site?


How can I volunteer to help at this race?

Email our race director Chris Ponteri.

Will there be pictures available for purchase?

Yes. Bill Flaws from will be taking pictures of half marathon and marathon runners and these pictures will be available for purchase on that website. Each runner will receive an email notifying them when the pictures are ready.

Is running in circles for so long bad for your legs?

We have not received any complaints from runners in previous races at the Pettit Center that they were injured from running so many laps around the track. Many Milwaukee-area marathon runners and collegiate track teams do winter training in the Pettit Center without injury.

Will there be open skating on the ice oval during the races?

Yes. There is a fee.

What is the temperature inside the Pettit Center and what type of attire would you recommend wearing during the race?

It is approximately 55 degrees inside the Pettit Center, but it’s dry and often feels cooler than that. For the average runner, a long-sleeve shirt, shorts, and a light hat and gloves should be fine. Spectators might want to wear heavy coats, hats and gloves because it can get cold sitting in the stands.

What is the running track surface at the Pettit Center made of?

It is concrete with a thin layer of rubber over it.

What types of refreshments do you have for runners after the race?

We will have a large spread of food and drinks for runners after they have finished the race.

Are there concession stands at the Pettit Center?

Yes, the concession stands will be open for spectators. We will also have a stand in the lobby selling coffee and muffins.

How do I replace team members for the Marathon Relay?

If a team member needs to be replaced prior to race-day, you can email us at with the name and shirt size of the new runner and the name of the runner he/she will be replacing. It is not mandatory that you do this; you can just show up on race-day with your new team member(s), however, they may not get the shirt size they want.