Icebreacker Indoor Marathon
Pettit National Ice Center / Icebreaker Indoor Marathon / January

Performance Running Outfitters Half Marathon

Running Around A Dream

General Information

There will be two consecutive half marathon races. Each half marathon is limited to 130 participants. The first race begins at 7 a.m. and has a 2-hour time limit. The second race will start at 9:30 a.m and has a 2:30 time limit. You can register for either race, however, to be eligible for the overall awards (top three male/female finishers), you must run in the 7 a.m. heat.

Participants will run approximately 48 laps around the track to complete the marathon. The race will end on the front stretch of the running track. Those who are still on the track after the time limit are not guaranteed a finish time or finisher's medal. All registrants will receive a specially-designed shirt and a goodie bag. All finishers will receive a Bronze Medal.

Aid Stations and Storage

There will be a large refreshment station at one end of the track. Runners can keep water bottles in a designated area near the station. Volunteers will be on hand to fill runners' bottles with water and sports drinks upon request. Runners should bring their own bottles as cups will not be allowed or provided due to spillage concerns. There will be another designated area for runners to store extra clothes, drinks, gel packs, energy bars, etc. Each runner will have his or her own designated storage space.


There will be two portable restrooms near the running track. Runners are asked not to use the restrooms in the Pettit Center lobby during the race.


The top three male and female overall finishers will be given awards at the awards ceremony.

Lap Counting

The race will be chip-timed. The scorer will use this to get lap counts for runners. There may be a scoreboard to display lap counts. Runners can also request a lap count when they go past the scorer's table on the front stretch, and a volunteer will call of their count the next time around. Several running watches such as Garmin Forerunners have lap tracking capabilities and runners are free to use those to keep track of laps.


Registration for the half marathon opens in early August. The registration fee is $80 until October 31 and $90 after that and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have registered and are unable to run, you can email us at and we will have your shirt mailed to you.